TeNeues The Jaguar Book Rene Staud - ISBN 9783961713592


TeNeues The Jaguar Book Rene Staud

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  • TeNeues The Jaguar Book Rene Staud - ISBN 9783961713592

    Shimmering like a movie star and a very British affair : for 99 years, Jaguar has been synonymous with elegance and luxury in automobile culture - high time to commemorate an exquisite car brand. Right on time for the 60th anniversary of the E-Type, this new Jaguar photo book from automobile photographer Rene Staud captures iconic Jaguar designs: the E-Type or XK 140, the SS90 from the 1930s, or Jaguar's first electric car - the I-Pace. The man who elevated automobile photography to art, Staud stages these luxurious sports cars and racing icons in 250 photos, supplemented by texts from Jurgen Lewandowski. A beautiful ride through the complete Jaguar collection, with highlights from racing history, celebrity owners and legendary Jaguar film appearances - James Bond, Kill Bill and more.

    Formaat: 27.5 x 34 cm
    Aantal pagina's: 304
    Aantal foto's: c. 250 kleuren en zwart/wit foto's
    Uitvoering: Hardcover
    ISBN: 9783961713592